Congregation of Christian Brothers

Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America

Congregation of Christian Brothers (C.F.C.) We are seeking men with the religious inspiration and dedication necessary to place their gifts, talents, and possessions to meet the needs of God’s people, especially the young.


  • Serve in elementary and secondary schools, and colleges;
  • Are involved in Youth Ministry;
  • Conduct missionary work around the world;
  • Provide education services for adults;
  • Bring their talents and skills to assist parish and diocesan ministries;
  • Give material support to and teach migrant farm workers;
  • Minister at hospitals, with the homeless, and
  • Offer services to refugees.

As Christian Brothers we seek Catholic men to join with us; men who sense a call to live in prayerful community and who wish to minister to those at the margins. Are you called to serve others as an Edmund Rice Christian Brother?