Congregation of the Resurrection


The Congregation of the Resurrection announces and gives witness to the Paschal Mystery. Convinced of God’s unconditional love for us we herald the liberation and salvation of each person and society as a passage from death to life in which every situation of evil and injustice will be overcome.

We call others, especially youth and families, to communities of the Risen Christ in which faith, hope and love radiate as a sign of union with Christ and his mother, Mary, in the Church. We are convinced that to do this our Congregation must be a model of Christian community in which people are one in heart and mind.

We reach out to all people through our pastoral-educational ministry but especially join in solidarity with people diminished by unjust structures.

We assist the laity in their own efforts to become prophets to the world and to transform it by providing them with a deeper experience of the Paschal dynamic in their lives.

As an international community we assist each other in various parts of the world by sharing our ministries, experiences and resources.

We share Christ’s own desire to enkindle the fire of divine love in the heart of every person on this earth.

In Canada

As an international community of men that desires to grow while staying closely connected we have organized ourselves into three provinces and one region. The three provinces consist of the Polish Province, the U.S.A. Province, and the Ontario-Kentucky Province. There is also a South American Region which continues to grow and will hopefully be large enough one day to become a province. Our membership in Canada consists of men who belong to the Ontario-Kentucky Province which has the bulk of its membership and ministry located in Waterloo, Ontario. Men in this province have also responded to a need for ministry elsewhere and live in places outside of Canada, such as Kentucky, Florida and Bermuda. If you would like more information about the Ontario-Kentucky Province please visit us at If you would like to know more about our community on an international level please visit