Jesuits in English Canada


We are a province of the international Society of Jesus, serving the English-speaking people of Canada.

Together with our Jesuit colleagues and lay partners throughout the world, we are committed to the service of faith, and this requires that we promote justice, foster dialogue between cultures and religions, and lovingly care for those the Lord puts on our path.


The English-speaking Jesuits of Canada bring the tradition of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to the service of the Canadian Church through schools and colleges, parishes, retreat and spirituality centres, native ministry, care of refugees, theological reflection, and any other form of work that can further the building of God’s realm. Our first concern is the service of faith, and the promotion of justice that it necessary involves. Our charism is to be men of discernment who can find God in all things, who are dedicated to the greater service and glory of God, who can read the signs of the times and respond with generosity, wisdom and freedom.