Priests of the Sacred Heart


Our primary mission as Priests of the Sacred Heart is to live a life of union with Jesus Christ in his availability to the Father’s will. By the community’s love, prayer, and availability for service, we seek to give witness to the love of God.

We perceive our mission to be also the creation of authentic Christian community within our houses and among the people with whom we work.

Apostolic Mission

We exercise our apostolic mission today in parish ministry, education, street ministry among the homeless, and other specialized ministries. In the selection of apostolates, those who associate us with the less fortunate ones in our society are given priority.

We believe that not only the apostolic works themselves develop the Kingdom, but also our lifestyle, which is to be simple. We wish it to be an effective sign of our desire to bring Christ’s message to the world.

Apostolates, selected by the community, take into account the particular talents of the individuals who are asked to undertake them. Whenever possible, we promote the education of our members so that they can undertake the specialized ministries that the contemporary Church requires.