Sacred Heart Sisters of Ragusa

About Us

We are an institute of Religious women who strive to live the vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience according to the Spirit of the Gospel and according to the Rules and Constitutions of our Congregation. This with the help of God’s grace.

We are currently in Italy, United States, Canada, Madagascar, Philippines, Nigeria, Romania, India and in Panama. United in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, distance is not a hindrance to our union as one family. We live a community life as religious sisters. We believe that Prayer Life and the Eucharist are the source of our strength and nourishment of our spirit.

We understand the fact that a religious habit does not make anyone holy, yet we strongly believe that it does reminds us of our consecration to God while it serves as a sign and reminder of God’s presence in the world and among the faithful.

“United we stand, divided we fall”, hence our charism and spirituality bind us as one.

Our period of formation are as follows:

  • Aspirancy – six months or more
  • Postulancy – a year or more
  • Novitiate – two to two and six months

After novitiate the candidate will make the first profession, which will be renewed for nine years. This period is called Juniorate. The junior sisters have the right and duty as that of perpetually professed sisters, although they are still in on-going formation.

After nine years the candidate will make her Perpetual Profession. Sisters of perpetual profession become permanent members of the congregation. This is comparable to a lifelong commitment between husband and wife. A religious commits herself to Christ.


Our Charism is Love and Service to the Poor. What our Mother Foundress meant by this is not only material poverty but also spiritual poverty. The kind of poverty that exist in every place or country defers in definition. Thus our task as Sisters of the Sacred Heart is to enculturate ourselves wherever we are, in order to be able to deal with the kind of poverty present in the area.


Our Spirituality is Love and Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We ought to bring the Heart of Jesus to the people and the heart of the people to Jesus. Witnessing to God’s love and mercy through our life and consecration.