Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish


We, Sisters of St. Martha, inspired by God’s graciousness, hear, embrace and respond to the cry for Gospel Hospitality. (Mission Statement, Chapter 2004)

Our Mission statement speaks to our 114 year history of dedicated service to the Church and the people of God. We first responded to this cry for Gospel Hospitality in 1900 at St. Francis Xavier University where we welcomed the students and priests by our presence and by providing the service of household management. It did not take long for our young congregation to hear and embrace a new cry for Gospel Hospitality as nurses and teachers, followed by our pioneering work in the field of social work. As founding members of the Antigonish Movement we have always been with and for the people, meeting them where they are.

Today we continue to respond in ways that give life to the values to which we have committed ourselves: Hospitality; Communion; Consecrated Life; Justice; Service; Simplicity; Collaboration; Stewardship. We strive to offer our life as mission by being pockets of hope in our world in whatever way we are able.

If you feel inspired to join us in being a pocket of hope in our world come and see us!