Sisters of Social Service Canada

About Us

We are dedicated women who are spiritually motivated and professionally trained to serve the Church and secular society through a plurality of ministries in the fields of social work, evangelization, women’s movements and social justice.

Because of the pressing needs of the world, we have a special responsibility for developing – in ourselves and in others – a deeper awareness of the problems arising from the lack of justice in our world.

Not only should we seek to prevent or remedy social evils and inequalities, but we must also endeavour to eradicate the causes of these ills. We do this by engaging in activities aimed at structural changes in harmony with the Gospel.

It is part of our charism to direct our efforts toward the transformation of social systems that are marked by injustice.

We recognize the value of being in solidarity with those afflicted by injustice. At times this is the only way open to us, but it is also very effective.

True to our prophetic role, we keep our pioneering spirit alive by our willingness to explore new ways and to blaze new paths in order to speak God’s reconciling Word to the world.

Our community serves:

  • In Diocesan Offices, working in Marriage Tribunals
  • In parishes as Pastoral Associates in the various areas required in the life of a parish.
  • Working with youth at camps
  • Offering communion services to the elderly
  • In schools as social workers
  • In organizations that provide educational/professional resources to other religious communities
  • In participation on various committees that pursue social change i.e. housing development, policy development, etc.
  • At home


Sisters of Social Service are:

  • contemporary
  • bearers of hope
  • flexible
  • dedicated to the Holy Spirit
  • in solidarity with victims of injustice

Sisters of Social Service are characterized by:

  • hospitality
  • a warm family spirit
  • a love for peace
  • a pioneering spirit

Sisters of Social Service work at:

  • blazing new paths
  • transformation of social systems
  • the welfare of women
  • social ministry
  • promoting Christian values