Diocese of Timmins

About Us

The Diocese of Timmins, located in Northern Ontario, serves a population of 55,195 Catholics under the leadership of Bishop Paul Marchand, smm.

Presently there are 31 parishes in the Diocese. There are 16 French speaking parishes, 8 English speaking parishes and 7 bilingual parishes in the Diocese. These parishes are located from Timmins to Cobalt.

Mass is celebrated each weekend in 4 languages – English, French, Italian and Polish.


We, the Church of the Diocese of Timmins, are a community of faith which strives to bring all people closer to the Risen Christ, and to meet their needs in these challenging times.

The fact that “Though many we are one body” (Rm. 12:4) means that we recognize the dignity, uniqueness, equality and co-responsibility of all persons.