Benedictine Sisters


We, the Sisters of St. Benedict, are monastic women who seek God in community through prayer and work, according to the Benedictine tradition with the Gospel as our guide. Our mission is to witness Jesus Christ through contemplative living, community, hospitality and service in education, health care and spiritual formation.


Benedictines belong to a 1500 year old tradition of seeking God in community according to the Rule of St. Benedict. Our spirituality is contemplative and liturgical with a strong emphasis on hospitality. Located in a beautiful contemplative setting on the bank of the Red River, our Monastery with its attached Retreat and Conference Centre, welcomes countless spiritual pilgrims each year. Nourished by community and a daily rhythm of personal and communal prayer rooted in Scripture, we seek to cherish and minister to persons within and beyond our community. We commit ourselves to Benedict’s call to build community as we strive to model a contemplative stance that prompts us to:

  • Reverence all persons, especially the young, the elderly, the infirm, the poor and the stranger.
  • Treasure creation
  • Steward our goods and giftedness
  • Extend hospitality
  • Enjoy leisure
  • Pursue peace

External ministries suited to the gifts of each sister and the needs of the local area presently include teaching, nursing, pastoral care, hospitality, spiritual direction and retreats. Come explore with us.