Sisters of Holy Cross

About Us

The Sisters of Holy Cross is an international Canadian-based congregation of Catholic religious women located in Canada, Haiti, Peru, Chile, Mali, Burkina Faso and the United States.

Holy Cross was founded in 1837 by Blessed Basil Moreau as a spiritual family of women and men: brothers, sisters, priests and lay associates. This vision of family makes them a multicultural congregation.

Impassioned with God and the world, they burn with the desire to liberate life through education and foster hope so that, with others, they may build a world of justice, love and peace. Together and with one heart, they reach out to the young, to women, to the poor and to emerging Churches.


Proclaiming the Gospel in our different milieus throughout the world.

Journeying with those wishing to deepen their spiritual life.

Serving humanity with a preferential option for those in need, to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable.

Offering holistic education in various teaching institutions.

Fostering a deepened relationship with Earth and promoting justice for all beings.

Community Life…

The mission of Holy Cross is expressed in its many ministries and also through its community life. We live together as a community where common prayer, recreation, mutual support and sharing give meaning to our religious life.

Rooted In Prayer…

The burning desire that sparks, in the heart of each Holy Cross member, the audacity to stake one’s whole life on God is the same desire that nourishes the fervour to undertake all things for the sake of the Gospel. (Const.8)

…At The Heart Of Humanity!

Thirsting for the Word of God, we live our passion for God and for humanity. Our hearts burn with the desire to liberate life, to rekindle hope so that with others we might build a world of love, justice and peace.