A Reflection on Trinity Sunday & Vocations


I have just returned from a talk given by Dr. Nuala Kenny, a Sister of Charity of Halifax, a Medical Doctor, Bio-Ethicist and much sought after speaker. Each time I have had the opportunity to hear her speak, she has begun her talk by stating that she is blessed with three vocations beginning with her baptism as a Christian, her life as a Sister of Charity, and her profession as a medical doctor. Each time I hear her state this trinity of identity I am struck by her awareness of being called, and the diversity of vocations. That is a powerful statement to make today, in many ways she need not say anything else because there is enough food for reflection in that one sentence.

When we talk about vocation culture do we, do I, begin by thinking that my first vocation is my baptism, then my life commitment (in my case as a vowed religious), and then my “job”, whatever that may be? In many ways this helps me to find clarity in what my values are, what motivates me. I often think of my vocation as being whatever helps me to live my relationship with God and others to the fullest, to always strive to be in right relationship.

At our recent gathering in Winnipeg I was so struck by how much wisdom, prayer, and passion there was in the room to seek the best way to live in right relationship. For me, that begins by telling people how much I love this life! How grateful I am to be a member of my congregation, and to receive the opportunities to grow and develop my relationship with God and all Creation. When we break open the Word, we create space within ourselves to hear the voice of God echoing the words of our Baptism to go live the Gospel as a member of Body of Christ. If we can break open the Word of our lives, like Sr. Nuala, and proclaim our vocation as the best way we live our lives then we are truly living the Word courageously.

Joanne O’Regan, csm