Further Discernment

What is my vocation? How can I best follow Jesus? What does this mean for how you actually live out your primary commitment in your life?

Christian Marriage is the most common way the majority of people live out their call to discipleship in the Church and world. This generous and wonderful vocation is the basis on which life in the Church and in our society is lived out.

Perhaps marriage does appeal to you but you wonder if another way is for you. Maybe you feel drawn to a different way of living and loving. What might that different way look like?

Religious Life is perhaps where you are feeling called to be a Priest in a religious order, a monk or nun in a contemplative community or a brother or sister in an apostolic community – another wonderful way of loving for God. If you believe that God may be calling you to religious life click here

Diocesan Priesthood is a way that some men may feel especially drawn to loving and serving God and others not in a religious order but as a priest in a diocese. Perhaps you are feeling drawn to Diocesan priesthood click here

Single Life is a special way of following Jesus for some people, not by default but by call and choice. They may realize that marriage, religious life or priesthood is not their calling. If this is your sense of call to mission click here

Other forms of commitment may be part of married, single, religious or priestly life and so some men who are not priests may feel called to the permanent diaconate click here; men or women in any primary vocation may feel drawn to giving some time as a missionary click here; some persons in certain circumstances may be called to the special vocation of the hermit or as specially consecrated.