The Spiritans are a Roman Catholic Religious missionary congregation of over three thousand members, founded in 1703. Our missions are spread worldwide. While we may be found involved in many diverse ministries, we have dedicated ourselves to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.

Almost 300 years ago in France, we had a modest beginning as a handful of young people interested in the welfare of the poor and marginalized. Today, we have become a worldwide missionary society of dedicated individuals who are companions to society’s least advantaged.

Since our arrival in Canada in the mid – 1700s, we have shared in the establishment of urban and rural parishes, high schools, university, hospital and prison chaplaincies, pro-life movements, ministry to First Nations Peoples and outreach programmes to new Canadians and refugees.

Our mission, in Canada and around the world, is one of presence. We go to people, not primarily to accomplish a task, but rather to be with them, listen to them and share our faith with them.

Who We Are

Priests – Teach Christ’s message of justice, peace and compassion. They lead the community in prayer, especially in Mass and the Sacraments. Preparation involves the study of theology and at least one other discipline at the university or college level.

Brothers – Spiritan men who make vows but do not choose ordination. They develop professional and technical skills such as medicine, teaching, social sciences and communications.

Lay Spiritans – Men and women, single or married, who belong to the Spiritan community and are committed to its mission, while continuing their regular lives.

VICS (Volunteer International Christian Service) – An organization directed by the Spiritans which gives men and women the opportunity to share their skills with others in the developing world.

Supporters – People who give of their time and money to help the Spiritans continue their mission.