Missionaries of the Precious Blood

About Us

We are a Society of Apostolic Life of priests, brothers, and lay associates. We share a common mission of the service to the Church, live a community life, and are sustained by a spirituality of the Blood of Christ. It is these three pillars – mission, community, and spirituality – which support our life and work together.

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood is a worldwide religious congregation. We are structured into seventeen units (seven provinces, four vicariates and six missions) serving the Church in more than twenty countries.


We continue St. Gaspar’s Ministry of the Word by preaching renewal and conversion through missions and retreats. We bring that love of God also to parishes, schools, hospitals, and prisons. As missionaries, we work where the Church needs us most and where the Good News has not been heard.


Following St. Gaspar, we live together whenever the needs of the apostolate permit. A bond of charity unites us, allowing us to place our gifts at the service of the Church and one another. Our community houses serve as centres of prayer and reflection to renew us for service in mission.


Christ’s shedding his Blood was, for St. Gaspar, and is for us, the sign of God’s great love for all the people. This spirituality of the Blood continues to impel us to build community through the inclusion of the marginalized, to walk in solidarity with those who suffer, and to seek reconciliation in a divided world.