Daughters of the Heart of Mary

About Us

Founded in France in 1790 by a Jesuit, Father Pierre de Clorivière and a lay woman, Adelaide de Cicé, our mission is to bring the Gospel message of Jesus out in the midst of the world, witnessed through our own lives of service to the Church and God’s people.

The Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary is an international congregation of women who profess vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience and live religious life without a distinctive sign or title. We live contemporary and often hidden lives patterned after that of Mary of Nazareth, with community life through a common spirituality and prayer life.


Whether residing in a small community setting with other sisters or with family or alone, community is fostered through regular meetings, days of prayer and spiritual renewal, community celebrations, and region-wide gatherings. This availability is essential to a DHM vocation as well as the commitment to daily personal prayer, celebration of the Eucharist, spiritual reading and devotion to Mary.


Establishes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Formation in discernment leads to the discovery of God at work in us and in the world.


Our commitment to serve people of all social backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups, religions and traditions remains constant. Our ministries are broad and diversified.