Felician Franciscan Sisters


As Felician Franciscan Sisters, called by God, we cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world.


Our charism is to imitate Blessed Mary Angela’s boundless love of God and surrender to God’s Will in compassionate service, total availability, concern for the salvation of all people.

It is a call to walk in the Franciscan tradition so loved by her; to live the Gospel in justice and truth,
to radiate joy as we live in poverty and simplicity,
to become transformed into Christ through contemplation and personal conversion, to persevere
in penance as we journey in faith and to share
our diverse gifts with each other in community
and with our sisters and brothers.

The Felician Call challenges us to live the evangelical counsels in the spirit of the beatitudes, to love the Church and her mission, to treasure the Eucharist, to deepen our love for Mary, our model of faith. As we strive to balance prayer and service in our lives, we are enlivened and stimulated by our personal love of Christ.

We are women of the Church and our total surrender to God impels us to reach out to the needy, the lowly, the poor and the marginal, with joyful, compassionate hearts.