Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph

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It’s Celebration Time for the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph!

This year we are celebrating the 350th anniversary of the arrival of three of our Sisters from La Flèche, France to New France (Montreal) and the death of our Founder Venerable Jérôme Le Royer de La Dauversière on November 6th, 1659.

Today the celebration of our lives as R.H.S.J.s continues, a time of celebration, contemplation and loving service to the sick, the poor and most needy as we honour our past, our present and our future in the Church and our world.


Faithful to our Founder’s dream, energized by the love of God, our Mission in the Church is to be in collaboration with the men and women of today as witnesses of a Loving God who unites and frees, by incarnating the tenderness and compassion of Christ in the service of the sick, the poor and the most needy who are his members.


Do you have a desire to live life more fully?

The elderly are abandoned and often die due to lack of care. Have you thought about this?
Young people like yourself are living on the streets. They certainly need you!
In our day, there are still victims of violence. Do you find yourself moved by this?


Detox, rehabilitation, palliative / hospice care, care of the sick and the elderly, the handicapped, prisoners and the homeless. Evangelization, teaching, pastoral ministry in parishes, hospitals and with youth. Today this mission takes us to France, Canada, United States, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Do you have a special gift that could meet some of these needs? You may be wondering HOW you can help.

As a “Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph”
As an “R.H.S.J. Associate”

Where We Serve as a lay person to deepen your baptismal commitment in the Church and to live in the unity and the freedom of the children of God

Do you identify with the spirit and charism of the R.H.S.J.’s and desire to live the spirituality and collaborate with the Sisters in their mission?