The Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist


We, the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (Baptistine Sisters) , an international group of consecrated women in the Catholic Church, living together as a community to reveal and give witness to Jesus of Nazareth, in the light and in the hope of the coming of the Kingdom of God.

We work for the glory of God in the service of our neighbour through evangelization, education, and human promotion of children and youth especially those who are poor, abandoned and at risk. We serve as educators, administrators, pastoral, social workers, health professionals and caregivers.

We were founded in Italy in 1878 by St. Alfonso Maria Fusco in response to the challenges and needs of his own time, especially the children and youth, who were poor abandon, marginalized and at risk. We moved in time with the Holy Spirit to respond continuously to the challenges and needs in a contemporary context. Today we are present in 18 countries.


To live our spousal relationship with Jesus of Nazareth who, in total abandonment to the will of the Father, proclaims the kingdom of God, is compassionate toward all, especially to the little ones and the poor. John the Baptist is the privileged guide who leads us to Jesus in preparing the way for Him, in recognizing Him and pointing Him out to the world in decreasing that he may increase.