Sisters of the Good Shepherd


Just as St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier who said ‘one person is of more value than a world’ saw the universal need for a Good Shepherd mission in 1845, so too today, Good Shepherd Sisters cross the world to bring their mission of reconciliation to those in need in 72 countries. The challenges of today’s world call us to witness and affirm our commitment to our mission. The Church entrusts to us a share in her mission of reconciliation.

As women Religious in the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd of pontifical right, we have two lifestyles, the apostolic life or the contemplative life.

We express our charism of merciful love, by compassionately seeking to shepherd those who are marginalized, the abandoned, the poor and refugees, especially women and girls. The Good Shepherd looks for the lost one, brings back the strayed, tends the injured, and makes the weak strong.


With the awareness that we ourselves are always in need of conversion and in our unceasing return to our compassionate God, we are united with all people in their struggle with sin and their need for reconciliation. We witness among them to the power of God’s mercy, and through our relationship with people we meet, we reveal our spirituality as in the person of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.