Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood

About Us

We, the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood had our beginnings in St. Hyacinth, Quebec, when Mother Catherine Aurelia Caouette was called by God to found this first contemplative community in Canada. Mother Catherine Aurelia entered deeply into the Paschal Mystery. Contemplation of the infinite love of God expressed in Christ’s passion and death brought her to a unique appreciation of his Precious Blood. The Blood of the Savior, symbolized his love and his triumph through suffering, became the source of her spirituality. The “I Thirst” of Jesus from the Cross found an echo in her heart filled her with a desire to be united with Him in His atoning sacrifice.


Constancy in prayer is our service in the Church. Always we acknowledge that all we have is the gift of a loving provident father on whom we are all dependent. Several times each day we gather as a community to pray and plead for his people. Each Sister shares in the daily work of the monastery, which is done in a spirit of prayer. No talent is too great, no gift too small to be used in God’s service. Our works help us to maintain our house of prayer where God’s praises are sung daily. Each day people come to our monastery, telephone or write to us , confiding their needs and intentions to our prayers. These concerns are deep and real and we respond to them with heartfelt prayer.