Ursulines of Prelate


We, the Ursulines of Prelate, in the spirit of St. Angela Merici participate in the mission of Jesus. Angela’s charism, “contemplation in action”, is lived out in our ministry of “educating for life”. As prophetic women of hope, we witness to God’s covenant of love by our faith and commitment. We build up God’s Reign by prayer and work through: our spiritual and professional leadership; our educational ministry; our development of lay leadership; our social justice involvements; our ministry with families, women, the aged, poor and needy; our response to the needs of the church and society as they arise; our service within the congregation.


Founded in Brescia, Italy in 1535 and established in Prelate, SK in 1919, we, the Ursulines, daughters of St. Angela, “educate for life.” For many years this meant teaching not only at our own girls’ boarding school but also in many small and often remote rural Saskatchewan communities.

After Vatican II, as religious gained a deeper understanding of their founder’s charism, “educating for life” became enfleshed in more than classroom teaching. To “educate for life” became for us a mission to help people grow toward wholeness in Christ in all aspects of their lives. Today we can still be found in classroom settings, but we are also active in adult faith formation, pastoral care, native, parish and prayer ministry. We do spiritual direction and retreat ministry, tutor immigrants, minister to marginalized persons, and serve in companion care, catechetics, and campus ministry. You can find us counseling, and working in wholistic ministry, virtual education and the fine arts – in other words, wherever the opportunity exists to help others grow into their God-given potential and to experience that “abundant life” which Jesus brings us. Confident of St. Angela’s intercession and the patronage of St. Ursula, we continue to serve in hope and joy wherever time and circumstances call us.