Ursulines of Jesus

About Us

At the beginning of the 19th century, a time of turmoil in France, Louis Marie Baudouin and Charlotte Gabrielle Ranfray were fascinated by the beauty of the mystery of Jesus, the Incarnate Word. Seeing the needs of the people devastated by the terror of violence and oppression of the French Revolution, the Holy Spirit inspired them to commit their whole lives to the service of their sisters and brothers “rebuilding the Church” and society of their day.

Today, with the same audacity, we find the presence of Jesus incarnated in events and in the different faces of people around us. We live as sisters in community and respond to the needs of our society by being the presence of Jesus, Missionary of the Father. We announce God’s love and compassion in the midst of our world, witnessing to the attitudes of Jesus, Word made flesh today.


With Jesus, we live in adoration of our loving God and we act in solidarity with God’s people through our involvement in pastoral ministry, education, care of children, the sick and elderly; ministry with native people, immigrants, youth and by being engaged in social justice projects.

We are an international congregation, and live in intercultural communities in western Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Cameroon.