Soeurs de la Charité de Notre-Dame d’Évron


Moved by the call of Christ
to create a world of
Justice and Hospitality,
we, the
Sisters of Charity
Notre-Dame d’Evron
and Associates
continually seek through
a genuine commitment
to witness the Love
and Compassion
of Jesus.


“…in the footsteps of Perrine Thulard, each sister is called to serve Jesus Christ, poor, in the person of the poor in a spirit of simplicity and humility always deeply concerned with the promotion of human dignity ensuring that solidarity with the poor remains an on-going priority.” (Constitutions)

We love this world into which we are sent on mission. Jesus Christ precedes us there. “He is the way to the Father.” Perrine tells us that Jesus is the road to right relationship with God, others and ourselves. That is why we believe that each true encounter with another person nourishes our prayer life. The Gospel message and our daily lives shed light on each other bringing clarity to that constant movement that propels us toward God and others and then brings us back, again, enriched.

Our Core Values

Creates an atmosphere of warmth, welcome and care

Urges us to be engaged with and supportive of people seeking justice and fairness

Binds us together in a community of care, support and forgiveness

Confirms our faith and enables us to take new risks for the Kingdom of God